Supremes (singles)

The Primettes:

First release. There remains some questions regrading the release date. It appears to be recorded as early as 1960 but not released until 1964 (?).Members: Florence Ballard, Mary Wilson, Diana Ross, Betty McGlown.

Ballard appears to sing lead on Pretty Baby.

Ross sing lead on Tears of Sorrow. Voice is lost in the mix and quote difficult to hear.

hqdefault-1.jpgPrimettes 1.jpg


The Supremes:
1961, March  – A: I Want A Guy*/ B: Never Again (TAMLA)

Ross Sings lead vocals on both tracks.


*Also recorded and released by the Marvelettes on Tamla – Dec 1961. B-side to Twistin’ Postman 

1961, July A: Buttered Popcorn/ B: Who’s Loving You

Florence Ballard on lead on A-side.

Diana Ross sings lead on B-side.


1962, May A: Your Heart Belongs To MeB: (He’s) Sem1027p.jpgventeen

Ross sings lead on both tracks.Her voice seems stronger.

He’s Seventeen has some back and forth spoken word in the bridge.Ross proclaims to be sixteen in the lyrics.

He’s Seventeen, seventeen

I’m sixteen, sixteen 


1962, Nov A: Let Me Go The Right Way/ B: Time Changes Things (Motown)

Ross sings lead on both.








1963, Feb A: My Heart Can’t Take It No More/B: You Bring Back Memories (Motown)

1963, June A: A Breath Taking Guy/ B: (The Man With The) Rock And Roll Banjo Band (Motown)

Supremes--A Breath Taking 45.jpgUnknown-2.jpeg

Two releases. The first had a much longer title – including the whole of the chorus line. But this was deemed to ‘clumsy’ for DJ’s and might harm potential sales.

The flip sounds closer to a novelty song. Slightly ‘country’ but more ‘pop’ doing country – very pastiche.

1964, Feb A: Run, Run, Run/ B: I’m Giving You Your Freedom (Motown)



Run, Run, Run also featured on the Supremes seconds album Where Did Our Love Go? – released in 1964.




1964, June A: Where Did Our Love GoB: He Means The World To Me

Reached no. 1 First No.1 single for the group.



1964, Sep A: Baby Love/ B: Ask Any Girl 

Ross sings lead on both.220px-Supremes_Baby_love


1964, Oct A: Come See About Me /B: Always In My Heart


Indicates what album the track is from. Is this another singles? 

Ross sings leads on both.