Names used: The Darling Sisters, Ronnie and the Relatives, The Ronettes, The Rosettes featuring Veronica

First group (unnamed)

Releases: none

Veronica, Estelle (sister), Nedra (cousin), Diane (cousin), Elaine (cousin) and Ira (cousin – was brought in “because he was a boy, and we thought that having him sing lead would make us seem more like Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers. So, already they are performing as backing for their own group. Seems that yet only performed on show – Wednesday night – amateur night at the Apollo theatre (NY).

The Darling Sisters – Release: none

Ronnie and the Relatives – Releases: 2

Label: Colpix and May

First recording session for Colpix.

Recorded four tracks:

“I Want A Boy”

“What’s So Sweet About Sweet Sixteen”

“I’m Gonna Quit While I’m Ahead”

“My Guiding Light”

Second recording session:


“You Bet I Would”

“I’m On the Wagon”

“Good Girls”

“The Memory”

“He Did It”

“Recipe For Love”

List of releases:

August 1961: I Want A Boy/ What’s So Sweet About Sweet Sixteen

January 1962: I’m Gonna Quit While I’m Ahead/ My Guiding Angel – check if it is “My Guiding Light”


The Ronettes

Name changed to the Ronettes circa 1962. Three more releases on Colpix (uncharted)

March 1962: Silhouettes/You Bet I Would (Colpix)

June 1962: I’m Gonna Quite While I’m Ahead/ I’m on the Band Wagon (May)

March 1963: Good Girls/ The Memory (May)

Philles Records:

August 1963: Be My Baby/ Tedesco and Pitman

December 1963:  Baby, I Love You/ Miss Joan And Mr. Sam

March 1964: (The Best Part Of) Breakin’ Up/ Big Red

June 1964: Do I Love You?/ Bebe And Susu

October 1964: Walking In The Rain/ How Does It Feel?

January 1965: Born To be Together*/ Blues for Baby

*first single to state “The Ronettes featuring Veronica”

May 1965: Is This What I Get For Loving You?/  Oh, I Love You



October 1966: I Can Hear Music/ When I Saw You

March 1969: You came You Saw You Conquered*/ Oh, I Love You (A&M records) – why?


*featuring the voice of Veronica