Returning….and the uncanny



It has been a while since I have attended to this blog/ research hub/personal ramblings. Since the death of my supervisor it has taken me a while to readjust to my project. I decided to take the Summer period to work on my practice, which although was rewarding did leave me feeling a little distanced from my project. However, over the past month or so I have been reconnecting with my writing and thinking about where my project currently stands.

Over the summer break, on the advice of my new supervisor, I began reading Louis Chude-Sokei’s The Sound of Culture: Diaspora and Technopoetics. It has been an inspiring read to say the least. Throughout the text Chude-Sokei charts the relationship between technology and race. Among other points one of the thongs that has stayed with me and rattled around up top for the past few days his analysis of the uncanny and its relationship with techno//racial. The uncanny relies on anOther and emerges from a supposed imitation of this other. It is via this doubling that the uncanny emerges. In considering the role of The Andantes in relation to Motown and the use of their voices as either total replacements for another primary group, as material blended with the voices of others or the presence of their voices or the invisibility of their bodies during live performances, I began to question whether we might consider The Andantes in relation to the uncanny and if so how might we do this?




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